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「そめもの」 は世界に誇る日本の伝統文化。その美しさと優雅さをそのままに水も火も使わないアイロン一つで楽しめる本格的な染色です。 あなたの趣味を生かして暮らしを豊かに彩ります


About sachizome

Enjoy the traditional Japanese craft of [Somemono].


Won’t you enjoy the Japanese craft of somemono?

This time you can make a stole, an object that is very popular in Japan. Turn it for example into a motif of natural flowers and leaves, somemono can change depending on the way how it is made. In this experience you will use a cutting-edge experience called [Sachizome] where you do not use fire or water. Please try this special experience with teachers that will teach you everything about the Japanese culture of somemono.


Enjoy a Japanese somemono experience in only 30 to 40 minutes「Happiness Color Mats」 are used that are kind to the environment Introduced in various media such as television and magazines


Arrival→Sachizome experience→Finished→End


1.Choose your favorite color First choose your favorite color of the stole and the color of your paint (Paper type dye Happiness Color Mats) Happiness Color Mats that are used here are friendly to the environment and it is a way of dyeing that does not pollute water and air because you do not need fire or water to dye. Depending on the color, the atmosphere of the somemono will completely change. Pale colors are easy to use when it comes to fashion but strong colors can be used as an accent color. You can choose from many colors, so please choose a new one.

2. Sachizome experience Next you will choose your own design with the motif of flowers and leaves. In Japan is said that leaves of trees are a charm for longevity and for each design there is a different meaning.

3. Finished If you have completed the dyeing along with the design, you work is done. Sachizome is strong against machine washing and rubbing, so there is no need to worry about loosing the colors. A stole with Japanese somemono is very popular in Japan and it is often given as a gift to mothers. Please try to give a Japanese stole as a present to your family and friends!

Yama no sachizome

that you can learn is a technique that is born with the desire to convey the true beauty of nature.



    2月5日(水) 10:30〜12:302月5日(水) 13:30〜15:302月5日(水) 18:30〜20:302月19日(水) 10:30〜12:302月19日(水) 13:30〜15:30

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